Do you want to graduate loan free? Going to college, but need a way to finance? The world’s best pest control salesmen created Bulwark Exterminating, which is why we know what customers want. We are the pest control company and not just a marketing company. That’s how we can guarantee quality service for your accounts. Additionally, fewer salespeople per office means our people have more area to work and individual time with our expert trainers. The best service, the best training, and smaller more organized offices, it is no wonder our salespeople sell the most accounts, and make the most money. We invite you to take a closer look and find out for yourself.

What Opportunities are there?

⇒ Earn money to pay for your debt
⇒ Sell a superior service
⇒ Highest payscale
⇒ Fastest payout
⇒ Be treated fairly and honestly
⇒ No games, ever; just fair pay for hard work



Earning potential of door to door sales: